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At this conference we approach the problem of diabetes, which became an endemic, from the economic, social and individual point of view.

The numbers are growing, both in terms of the patients and the expenses.

Let us face the challenges NOW!

Representatives of the Hungarian Healthcare System, civil organizations and organizations specialized in diabetes from the private sector participate in the conference.

The conference presents scientifically and economically the current state of diabetes, and the possible way of development, the modern methods of treatment, improvements and concrete actions.

The conference aims to start a collaboration and to engage the participants with this important topic.

Our aim is to reduce costs, both in individual and in social levels.

Diabetes is an incurable disease, but with proper prevention, treatment and information the increasing number of patients can be slowed, stopped or reversed.


At the social level it is important that people learn about the disease and take over control!


Information and education

On the long-term consequences of diabetes and on the importance of prevention and early diagnosis, separated to target groups.



In order to properly treat diabetes it is essential to have diabetes management at institutional level.

The goal is that each patient can receive, individually personalized, the most appropriate treatment. To achieve this goal, the Medicsphere project, carried out by the BGF, can be of help. The program analyzed hundreds of patients and their treatments, with taking into account the patient's place of residence, marital status, income background and medical history, and then compared to similar medical cases and their outcomes, so arriving to the most effective patient journey.

If the disease is recognized early and appropriate treatment is selected, that can lead to reduced costs of both individual and social level.


The event come into being within the framework of the Budapest Business School’s scientific project: TÁMOP-4.2.2A-11/1/KONV-2012-0009, "Medic Sphere - Klinikai adatok komplex, többcélú, egészségügyi, gazdasági és oktatási célú felhasználása informatikai eszközök támogatásával", with support from the European Union and the European Social Fund.